Parallel Architecture & Systems Laboratory

Address: 114 Milton Carothers Hall (MCH), Tallahassee, FL 32306; Contact: Dr. Weikuan Yu (yuw@cs.fsu.edu), 850-644-5442

Mission Statement

The Parallel Architecture and Systems Research Lab (PASL) at Florida State University, headed by Dr. Weikuan Yu, has broad research interests in novel architectural and system technologies for big data analytics, cloud computing, high-performance parallel and distributed processing, computer and network systems, and the use of these technologies for fast scientific discoveries on computational biology and climate changes.


  1. October 2016: Dr. Yu receives a research contract from Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.
  2. September 2016: William Wagner joins the PASL group. Welcome on board!
  3. August 2016: Welcome to Ahana, Muhib and Wenqing for joining the PASL group.
  4. August 2016: Huansong delivers a successful presentation on SHMEMCache at the 2016 OpenSHMEM workshop.
  5. July 2016: Dr. Weikuan Yu receives a REU Supplement award for the NSF project on cross-layer and cross-phase cooperation research in MapReduce.
  6. June 2016: Congratulations to Bin Wang and Yue Zhu for their paper being accepted to the PACT'16 conference (acceptance rate: 26%).
  7. June 2016: Congratulations to Teng Wang for his paper being accepted to the SC16 conference (acceptance rate: 18.4%).
  8. May 2016: PASL expands its compute cluster with 20 nodes.
  9. May 2016: PASL group members celebrate the end of Spring semester at Wakulla Springs State Park.
  10. April 2016: Congratulations to Huansong Fu and Lizhen Shi for passing their qualification requirements.
  11. April 2016: Congratulations to Teng Wang for obtaining a summer internship at Lawrence Livermore National Lab.
  12. April 2016: Dr. Yu receives a research contract from Oak Ridge National Laboratory.
  13. March 2016: Dr. Kathryn Mohror, Computer Scientist from Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, visits FSU and gives us an exciting talk on Scalable Fault Tolerance for Scientific Applications!
  14. March 2016: Kunal SinghaRoy and Meysam Ghaffari join the PASL group. Welcome on board!
  15. March 2016: Dr. Weikuan Yu gives a colloquium presentation on cache memory concert for massive parallelism at Oak Ridge National Laboratory.
  16. February 2016: Kimberly joins the PASL group as REU students. Welcome on Board!
  17. January 2016: Joshua Garlitos and Paul Nieto join the PASL group as REU students. Welcome on Board!



  • A cluster with 20 nodes of dual-socket 8-core, and 22 nodes of dual-socket ten-core.
  • An FDR InfiniBand newtork with 36 ports.
  • A 10-Gigabit Ethernet network with 48 ports.
  • A developmental cluster of GeForce GTX 280 Nvidia GPGPU cards
  • A network of student workstations, well suited for system administration practices.
  • All clusters are connected to the student lab via fibre connections.

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